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    Rodolphe Peltier

    Director of Global Supply Chain Services

    Mr. Rodolphe Peltier is a supply chain expert with more than 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing diverse initiatives to increase access to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other essential medicines, supplies, and equipment in most regions of the world. He has a consistent track record of achievements and leadership in supply chain management, specifically for strategic sourcing and procurement programs, including project implementation, sourcing strategy, general operations management, technical assistance, capacity building, and policy development while complying with multiple donors and country requirements. Mr. Peltier also has extensive experience with complex supply chain processes requiring advanced knowledge of procurement principles and strategic sourcing. He is proficient in supply chain management, logistics management information system (LMIS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, forecasting and demand planning procedures, and supplier relationship management. He has a bachelor in business and accounting from the Ecole Preparatoire aux Examens Comptables de l’Etat (EPEC) in Paris, France, and holds a diploma in procurement and supply from the Fundación Institute for Careers and Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain (ICIL) in Barcelona, Spain. He also has a certificate in public procurement from the United Nations Development Program.

    Technical areas

    Global Health Supply Chain
    Distribution Management
    Strategic Sourcing
    Forecasting and Supply Planning