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    When critical commodities stay in motion, lives do too. Because better access to pharmaceuticals, mosquito nets, schoolbooks, emergency supplies, and other life-changing commodities means better access to opportunity for millions of people around the globe. Opportunity to manage their health and safety, pursue their ambitions, and lead productive, independent lives.

    Connexi helps keep life moving forward by connecting people around the globe with the products they need to thrive. Our vision is simple: provide reliable access to critical commodities for everyone, everywhere. So we’re building on Chemonics’ unparalleled experience managing the largest health supply chain in the world, to bring supply chain excellence to all. Connexi adds a state-of-the-art technology platform and innovative private sector approaches to a deep understanding of international development and public sector requirements.

    Our vision is simple: provide reliable access to critical commodities for everyone, everywhere.

    This is how we offer cost-effective, end-to-end supply chain services that can be tailored to serve a broad range of clients and needs — from strategic sourcing and procurement to last-mile delivery. Our people are experts in building end-to-end supply chain operations and bringing decades of supply chain transformational experience to help vast networks of in-country service providers stay aligned to keep things moving on the ground. Because coordinating local partners is key to delivering on promises in the world’s most hard-to-reach places.

    Supply chains not only connect people to products. They are the bridge between ambitious goals and meaningful outcomes for the donors, governments, companies, and nonprofits we serve and the thousands of customers counting on them to deliver. Together, let’s set a new standard: a day when on time, happens every time.

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    Achieving social purpose at a commercial pace.

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